What is PHocus2021

About Us

PHocus2021 is an advocacy group campaigning for the changes to public policy that PH patients need and want to see.

PHocus2021 was established in 2016. It will:

  • Act as an advocacy group for PH and a ‘critical friend’ to NHS England, the body in charge of commissioning and improving PH services in England as well as equivalents in the Devolved Nations
  • Campaign Government on important matters affecting the PH community
  • Raise the profile of PH amongst Government, Members of Parliament, officials and senior decision-makers in the NHS
  • Actively protect PH from disinvestment and work to improve services across the whole of the UK for the benefit of patients
  • Provide a forum where public policy issues affecting the PH community can be raised and debated, and new solutions proposed.

Establishing PHocus2021 is a major step forward for PH. To ensure the views and experiences of patients are fully represented PHocus2021 will be supported by a panel of patient, carer and family members who will feed into and direct its work programme and priorities.

PHocus2021 was formed because the PH community wanted to help NHS England by providing direct access to the opinions of PH patients and their families when taking important decisions affecting PH services, including decisions around funding.

Having a strong and independent voice means that the PH community can stand up for itself where it faces problems, and have direct access to press for fair and equal treatment from the NHS. 

Find out more about our four aims for positive change to PH services